Increase the size of a field

How do we increase the size of an Adabas field in a program?

Increase its size in the DDM and derived views.

if the Adabas field is smaller than what you want to use in programs, use the FILEMOD utility to increase its size.

Ideally, you should make the change in PREDICT then use the GEN AF (Generate Adabas File) function to apply the change to the Adabas file(s) and the GEN DDM (Generate DDM) to update the DDM.

If you are in “mixed mode” (report mode with DEFINE DATA), you would do the following:

                   1   MYVIEW VIEW OF EMPLOYEES
                        2 LEAVE-DUE (N4)    /* N2 on the database

If you are in strict report mode, you would do the following:

                   READ EMPLOYEES
                   MOVE 123 to LEAVE-DUE (N4)

If you are in Structured Mode, you are not allowed to override the Adabas FDT. The reason is quite simple. The Report and Mixed Mode examples generate overrides in the Format Buffer. Thus, you can store values larger than the default length. This can lead to terrible integrity problems. Structured Mode protects you from these problems. In Report and Mixed Modes, you must protect yourself.

If you want to change the FDT and/or DDM, from within a Natural program, the short answer is NO.