PE numeric fields

Good day

We have to change a numeric field in a PE from N9.2 to N11.2. The view to this file is in a LDA, and is used by many programs.

We will have to store amounts larger than N9.2.

Do we need to change the LDA field to N11.2 and stow all the programs or can we only change the file?

I did some testing and it seems as if we change the file to N11.2 and just stow the LDA without changing the field in the LDA to N11.2 then all the program using the LDA works and displays values larger than N9.2.
This does not make sense to me.
Any advice or explanation will be appreciated.

Did you update the DDM that the LDA view uses? Is there an explicit format/length specified in the LDA or does it pick up the length from the DDM?

yes the DDM was updated and the Fields were explicitly formatted in the LDA
so DDM said N11.2 and LDA said N9.2


If you did not change the LDA and you are using Structured mode, it’s actually impossible for the Natural Program to display a numeric field larger than N9.2.

If you changed the DDM and not the Database, program in reporting mode would use the larger value but afaik, in structured mode, the fields in your LDA will limit the size of the numeric field.

Which version of Natural are you using and on which platform and I assume, you are talking about Software AG’s Natural ?

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