Receiving duplicate EDIINT AS2 transactions

Hello Everyone,

I have a scenario where a partner is sending EDIINT AS2 transactions as XML and we send MDN synchronously to them in return upon receiving the EDIINT successfully. However, intermittently partner complains that the MDN is not received and hence EDIINT is sent more than once to us with the same message ID and the document ID because they have a retry.
My doubt is, suppose we enable the duplicate check in the ‘EDIINT Process Message’ processing rule with criteria as ‘Document ID, Sender and Document Type’, when we receive duplicate EDIINT transactions, I know the transaction would be marked as ‘ProcessMsg:IGNORED’ but will MDN be sent to the partner.? If yes, will it be a success/positive MDN or is it different from normal MDN.?

And upon investigation, I find that the service ‘wm.EDIINT.rules:processMsg’ has the code to check the duplicates. But this code is executed without any branch condition on the top. I mean, even if the duplicate check is not turned on in the processing rule, the same service will be invoked. Then does that mean the duplicate check is turned on by default because the service has this code without any branch to check if the duplicates is turned on in processing rule and hence should check for all transactions.?

Hi Anish,
At 8.2, EDIINT duplicate checking is on by default. I was unable to find an example here as duplicate EDIINT docs are very rare, but if I recall correctly, your trading partner will receive a good MDN for the duplicate. However, there may be some type of information in the body indicating the duplicate issue.

I do not recommend changing the wM processing rule. What is your reason for considering that? Did your trading partner indicate that they are not receiving the MDN in the cases where their system sends duplicate EDIINT on retry? You should be able to locate the duplicate by querying for ProcessMsg:IGNORED and then find the related MDN. Are you able to see that?