Receivin opertation notification

Dear Cumulocity Team,

I never receive an “operation” via the subscription to /devicecontrol/notifications at my own agent.
The configuration for the mqtt client looks like this:
Connection with websocket: wss://
Username: /
Using MQTT v3.1.1

I can publish a measurement via measurement/measurements/create on same above configuration. But I never get informed about an operation.
The device is setup to receive a Restart Operation:

com_cumulocity_model_Agent:	{},
c8y_SupportedOperations: ["c8y_Restart",	"c8y_Command"],

Could you give me a hint what I’m doing wrong?

I’m doing it the same way you describe here:
(not using SmartRest).

Thank you.
Best regards

Volker Schaefer

Hi there,

you can try it with the MQTTBox. It’s the same as describe above!
Any idea?

Best regards

Volker Schaefer

Hi there,

is it necessary to active mqtt transmission on tenant side?