Subscribing for child device notification

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Referring to the “Device Control” section:
In order to create/retrieve/update operation for a device, the device must be in the “child devices” hierarchy of an existing agent.

what is the proper way of subscription for an agent so it can receive real-time commands for devices that are managedf by it.

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sorry for the late reply. I hope your questions is still up to date. What kind of agent do you have in mind here? A device side agent or a server side agent? What exactly should the agent do, because a lot of devices can be feed with command right from the UI as a built in feature?

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To receive Operations a Device must either tagged as an Agent (by assigning the Agent fragment com_cumulocity_model_Agent to the device) or like it is described in the doc, having an Agent Managed Object which has Devices as Child Devices assigned.

In the second case the Agent Object is fully transparent on not visible in Device Management etc. If you decide this should be the case, add the “IsDevice” Fragment to it and you can manage it as well.

Operations are created on Device Level not on Agent Level.

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