Realize BPM by NaturalOne

Adabas and Natural exist in the currently Mainframe.
In order to introduce NaturalOne, we are currently considering the following
Do you think this is feasible?
Please refer to the attached system configuration diagram.

[ Configuration ]
Leaving Natural’s processing logic in the current Mainframe, place the screen
viewing layer (Map) in the new Natural One Server.

That is to say that we are thinking of control by dividing into viewing layer
and processing logic layer for the realization of BPM.
SystemConfigurationDiagram.BMP (1.01 MB)

Hello Akiko,

NaturalONE is a development IDE and not a UI for your Natural apps during Runtime.
But with NaturalONE you can provide your Naturall apps a AJAX based
web (browser) UI .
Please have a look at the documentation regarding this technology.
But - if you just like to execute out of NaturalONE Natural apps
on the mainframe, you can do this without any extra middleware like EntireX - just execute the program on your remote server view

best regards karlheinz