NaturalONE and N2O

Has anybody got any experience of using NaturalONE and N2O? Are there any issues to consider?

Natural ONE has a run-time component which executes in the host’s Linux/Unix or Windows (LUW) OS. That is, it can execute Natural objects compiled under LUW. N2O is mainframe-based, so ONE cannot execute its objects directly. And N2O cannot maintain LUW objects.

If ONE is used to maintain a mainframe application via NDV, then that same development server could be used to execute N2O on the mainframe. That is, the N2O screens could be used via ONE’s terminal emulator.

Remember, Natural ONE is a development environment. It’s separate from the application and the application’s infrastructure (which includes N2O).

We are a mainframe shop but looking to implement NaturalONE for development of applications. At the moment developers check out the programs with N2O. I am trying to figure out if in the future developers could check out the programs on the mainframe but develop them under Windows before uploading them back. Developing applications in Natural Server Mode looks as though that would meet our needs but is local mode better in the long run? Do we need to forget N2O and consider a new approach?

If anyone else is interested Treehouse have released P28793 for N2O which may help.