Reading UUEncoded emails thru IS EMail Port

We have a Trading Partner sending us emails with attached zip files that are UUEncoded. The Webmethods IS e-mail port polls the mailbox that these emails come to. If the attachment is uuencoded, we find that the data stream that is passed to the service being called is garbled, or in some cases empty altogether. If the same attachment is sent with MIME encoding, everything works fine. After quite a bit of troubleshooting, including sniffing the network packets, we have concluded that the mail reader is unable to handle uuencoded emails. Two questions:

  1. Is this right? Has anyone been able to handle uuencoded emails with the e-mail port out of the box?
  2. If uuencoding is indeed not supported, can anyone suggest workarounds? It is a bit difficult for us to push the trading partner to not uuencode emails, so this is a last option.