Reading csv or xls files

Dear all,
one (simple?) question:
Is there a service in the developer to read csv or xls files?

thanks for your help.



Have a look in the wmusers shareware section:


Thanks Wayne.
The problem is, I’m not allowed to download and install shareware.
That’s sometimes very hindering.

Is there no other way?

I tried out “getFile” out of the WMPublic-package. But I don’t know how to get the information. Result is just a byte-info.

ItemField also makes a solution that integrates well with webMethods to read excel files (among many others).


Please give me some more details.

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for a csv file, you can just use the WmFlatFile package

Hi Dennis,

You can use Apache’s POI HSSF library to read and write data into Excel sheets.
If you want to only read data from Excel sheet then you can use Flat file schemas. Create a schema which takes a TAB delimited file. This schema will parse the data for you after you have taken the data using getFile service.


Hi Dennis,
At one of mine previous projects, I used JExcelApi; This is pretty easy to use…

Java Excel API - A Java API to read, write, and modify Excel spreadsheets

  • Saurabh

I don’t have su a WMFlatFile package. Is this standard.
What I did, is reading the file with “getFile” and then “BytesToString”.
No I have a comma separated string which I have to separate in different fields. A Record as result would be great.
Is there any existing service?



Sorry, found the flatFile-Folder.
Service “parseCSVInput” gives me a Record with various segments.
Now I need to loop over the segments and map them into a xml-file.
is there also a service? I found the xml-folder in WmTN but this seems not to be the answer.



I’m trying to play with jexcel api under designer 8.0, my aim is to read and write into a xls file i have on my local

i put the jar file into my_package/jars
then reloaded my package
after i created a java service

My question is how to use this api ?
should i take advantage of it in a flow service or in a java service?

Please any tips and step by step methodology to deal with will be appreciated?