Reading a file with IS-8859-15 encoding

Hello I tried to read file thanks to pub.file:getFiles and pub.flatFile:convertToValues services.
My file is a csv file containing a e in o character in french (like “oeil”) (o and e are only on character in french).
For me it is encoding 8859-15 and I tried to read file with this encoding but in debug I see in my variables it can not translate the character. Beside in database (in nvarchar, I can not have the cood character).

Hi Vital,

in ISO 8859-15 the french character oe has the code 0xBD.

Did you specify the encoding “ISO-8859-15” during getFile or convertToValues?


Hi Holger,
Yes I did.

But in fact I open the file withe Notepad++ and I see thant the Encoding is ANSI and after searching in Internet I saw that I have to put the CP1252 encoding.

My problem is solved.