"Read timed out error" in Deployment report

Hi Team,

       i am using wmdeployer(7.1) for deployment,when i want to migrate package from one IS to another IS,some times i am getting deployment is failed,when i see the logs,it is shows that 

"ERROR An exception occurred while attempting to activate Package: “PACKAGE_X”; error message follows: An exception occurred while attempting to process “PACKAGE_X”. Exception details follow: “Read timed out”.

but when i opened the target tserver,that particuler package is migrated successfully(packge version and elements loaded is same as source and target servers),why i am getting this error even package migrated successfully.


Looks like network issue…

Were you able to figure out the root cause of this error message? We’re experiencing the exact samething.

I’m getting this too but it looks like the deploy worked. So maybe just an error getting a response message from the target server after the deploy?

its a issue on 7.2 version as well… pref ably increase the time out from admin page in remote srv alias…

our timeout is set to 0 for none so there shouldn’t be a timeout. Did you set it to a specific value?

could it be an issue on the target server? there are different timeouts (eg. watt.net.timeout, session timeout (10 mins), etc)

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