RAC Enabled DB for MWS

Hello Experts,

Do I need to run the DBConfigurator on each of the two databases to create the tables before I start using the below URL in the mws.db.xml file?

This is an Oracle RAC setup with shareplex in between the two DBs to keep the data in-sync.



To be sure you should ask your DBA’s because they know best how your RAC is configured and how it behaves.

Usually the databases in a RAC behave like one, so every command is replicated to all nodes. Properly configured you should not even need to care which node you connect. Aplying a command to both sides is like doing the same command twice.

Thanks Mark ,Ill ask them and give it a shot.

I have a question about this, what’s the configuration if I have 4 dbs in RAC?
I know that for two DBS the configuration is:


I don’t know if add semicolon after the Alternate server for add the other server, somebody can help me?

can you try and see what happens with

Thanks you, right now it’'s working… =)

did you use the same URL format?

I used