Queued for Delivery duplication

I have a public queue setup to send my EDI docs to the VAN.
When my doc is posted to TN it gets the appropriate
Processing Status of QUEUED. When I look at the Task I see
one task with a status of QUEUED. However when the task run
it delivers the document twice to the VAN in the same
session. When I review the Activity Log I see that the
document is Queued twice, once for the Sender and once for
the Receiver.

This document was “QUEUED” for scheduled delivery from
OrderNet. Sender: 8e462becf70d5f260000005e
This document was “QUEUED” for scheduled delivery from
OrderNet. Receiver: 0a0119d7f70d483000008781

I don’t know where this is happening. The rule for the
document is Deliver Document by Schedule Delivery.
Could the queue be corruptted?

My next option is to delete the queue and rebuild it but I
thought I check the community in case that does not solve
the problem.

Has anyone seen this before.


Are you running multiple servers? We have also experienced
TN sending duplicates to the VAN on our project. The root
cause was there were multiple scheduled delivery services on
each server (some of which were not set-up for clustering).

Log on to your Administration screen and click the Scheduler
link. You should see a service for
‘wm.tn.queuing:deliverBatch’ which is your public queue FTP
to the VAN. Make sure you only have one of these schedules
on your server(s). If you have multiple servers, make sure
the clustering box is checked.

Our processing rule is set up to Delivery Document by
Scheduled Delivery–>Receiver’s Queue. Our Activity Log does
show seperate entries for both sender and receiver as you
said, but since we fixed the scheduled services, we have not
seen duplicates.



Thanks for the quick reply.
No Clustering, single server. But I think you’re on to
something with the rule. I may not have the complete
understanding of the the Delivery Service.
My rule is Deliver Document by Schedule Delivery: OrderNet.
Where OrderNet is the name of the Public Queue.
If I’m understanding your correctly I think I’m missing
something between the definition of Sender/Receiver Queues
and how you assign a queue as a Sender vs. a Receiver queue.

If I switch my rule to Deliver by: Receiver Queue. How do I
assign my queue to the Receiver or do I have to?


Hi Chris,

In your partner profiles, click the Delivery Method tab.
Click the edit button and choose the protocol ‘Queue for
Delivery’ then click the public queue radio button and
select ‘OrderNet’ in your case. Then save your profile.

In the processing rules, the Deliver Document by Scheduled
Delivery option should have the choices ‘Receiver’s Queue’
and ‘OrderNet’. Select ‘Receiver’s Queue’.

I’m not sure if this is it though. When testing in our
sandbox environment (single server), I have sent files to
our own mailbox by using the same sender and receiver IDs in
the envelope and they are not delivered twice.

Check your error log to see if TN is throwing any errors.
When we saw the duplicates TN was throwing
‘wm.tn.queuing:updateQueuedTask’ errors.



I didn’t have a preferred Protocol defined for the partner
so I tried that but it still sends it twice. Does your
Activity log show queued for both Sender and Receiver.
I working with Tech Support and they can’t figure it out
If you can think of anything else please let me know.
Thanks for your help.
Greatly appreciated as always.


Sorry to hear that, I didn’t think that sounded like it
would solve your problem.

Yes, my activity log does show queuing for both the sender
and receiver.

The next thing I would suggest is to queue a document and
then step through your FTP service from Developer. As you
step through the flow, check your TN activity log to see
what is happening. I’m guessing the queue status isn’t being
updated for some reason and your service is reading the same
document again from the queue.

Let me know what you find.


Did u succeed in fixing duplicate delivery to VAN from your public queue. Am exactly facing the same situation, all of a sudden.
Pls let me know
Your inputs will be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance


We are also facing the same duplication problem. If you have any resolution, please share with me.