Question: Self-signed SSL Certs...

Hello -

I’m fairly new to WM. Currently running WM 5.0 NT (dev environment).

Would like to know if it is possible to generate a self-signed SSL certificate for testing the SSL configuration between Broker and Adapters (server auth with encryption).

In reading the documentation it looks like you use the awcert tool to generate the cert request, then you MUST purchase the certificate from VeriSign (or others)… that certainly makes sense for PROD environments, but what about development and testing on local machines?!

Is there a way to generate a cert file, and self-sign the key-pair so I can start using SSL on my local box without shelling out $500 for a cert?!


I would love to know what progress you have made in terms of SSL support for securing WM resources. We are asking the exact same questions right now. Our current approach is that we are planning on using Microsoft Cert server to generate certs for internal use. Have you come up with a solution?

You can use internally created certificates with the broker. It should be possible to use the Microsoft CA, but I have not tried it. I use OpenSSL for my development environment. It has a shell script that can generate a CA certificate and sign CSRs.

– Tim