BrokerJNDIJMS amp 509 certs

I have configured wM Broker (6.1 and service pack3) along with the JMSAdapter. I have run the simple JMS examples provided by wM and they work just fine. I now need to show that wM can support JMS over SSL using a client’s 509 cert.

I have setup SSL on the JMSBroker (in its own territory) and put access control on the clientgroup that I want to use, requiring the use of a particular authenticator. Great.

When I run my simple, no cert example, it fails with a permisson denied error. Wonderful.

How in the world do I incorporate a users cert (assuming will use JSSE) and pass that onto wM? I am hoping to do all of this from command-line Java program.

Any help or a push in the right direction would be great.

I am assuming you need to have the user cert included while configuring SSL for webMethods IS.