SSL enabled Brokers and MWS...

Anyone out there have SSL enabled Broker Servers?

I have an interesting issue… we recently upgraded our 6.1 Broker Servers to 6.5.2… so I have just started looking at MWS usage…

I was able to load my cert file… and the first time everything worked fine - accessed to Broker Servers and Broker instances… ACLs were followed…

I log off MWS… log in again and now get errors when I enter my cert password.

Anyone else have fun with SSL and Brokers?? :confused:

Lots of fun. For example, let’s say you place your certs in /opt/webMethods65/Broker/certs. When you initially select a keystore and assign it to a Topic Connection Factory you would specify a remote keystore location and point to that folder. After entering the password and saving, go look at the SSLKeystore property in the wmjmsnamingcontext infoset. It will point to the location on the portal server where a copy of the cert was created (e.g. c:\webMethods65\Portal<blah>).

In my opinion, MwS is OK for the basics but when you get into some of the more obscure areas it does some very weird things such as deleting all of the pub/sub permissions or changing the broker server setting unintentionally when you edit a Topic Connection Factory (TCF)

Don’t get me wrong, I see the potential, its just that MwS for Broker and JMS has got some potentially dangerous, productivity sapping and nearly always annoying behaviors in the current release.

Start a quirky behavior list and submit it as feature requests. Hopefully, they will eventually show up in the product.