MWS and SSL ...

Has anyone here had success configuring MWS to use SSL and require client certificates? I setup the IS to do this but cannot figure out the same for MWS. For IS, I did the following: Converted CA cert, server cert and my client cert to .der using wm cert tool. Then I configured the certificates, added an https port (set to cert required), and mapped my certificate to a valid wM user. Everything works the way I want it … I just need to get the same thing working in MWS … thanks!!

Bump … apparently not a popular topic but if anyone has any experience with this or even knows where I might be able to find the info then I sure would appreciate it.

In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > User
Management > Certificates.

This is pertty well documented

Check page 108.

If you use 7.1.2 get same document from empower, it also expains how to do it.

Page 108 states that “Authentication
certificates do not govern a connection between a user and My webMethods Server” … I hope this does not mean that we cannot require certificates to log into MWS as we do with IS. How is everyone else accessing MWS, do you all use userid/password?

I use MWS with HTTPS listener and NTLM Auth, since it’s a internal server not exposed to the cloud, and I do not use client certs.

When configuring a IS listener you can configure listener port to require client certificates.

However on MWS you assign certificates to users, but for those you did not assign a cert they might be able to log in with user/password, since default auth is Forms.

Maybe create a support request and ask how-to require client certificates, and post the answer! :smiley: it might be innteresting to know.