Question About Integration Server

hi all,

can we store Documents in Integration Server?
If yes How we can do?
If no why?

Thanks & Regards,
Cherry Sri.

Hi Cherry,

“Documents” can have a broad meaning. Can you be more specific.

Also an example would help.


hi Vlad Stan Thanks for your reply,

sorry, not Documents That is Document…

How to Store Document in IS tats my question

Thanks &Regards,
Cherry Sri.

You are still not clear :slight_smile: , can you please share what information are you looking for?

Did you mean saving the IS document? Are you referring to DocumentStore?


If you are referring to IS documents, you can find them here:
webMethods / IntegrationServer / packages / MyIsPackage / ns / …


Do you mean storing the IS document content into a file? If so there are many ways you can do. You can convert the document to xml, JSON or flat file and store it in the flat file system.