Query Optimizer


  • I was wondering, Is it possible to call the tamino optimizer and ask for the execution cost or plan ? (ie, like “show plan” in relational database optimizers)

  • I realize Tamino is a commercial product, would it be possible to obtain the source code for academic research ?

Thank you very much.


Hi Salem,

There is an explain feature for both X-Query and W3C XQuery which allows the execution plan to be viewed which does not involve the query actually being executed. The Tamino documentation (v4.2) does provide some explaination on interpreting the output. The Tamino Interactive Interface has the analysis drop-down which enables the explain feature.

In terms of having access to the source code: I am afraid this is simply not possible.

Hope this helps.

It sure does.

Thank you very much for your response.

Best Regards,

Does this also follow for XPath ?

Yes there is an explain feature for X-Query (Xpath) as well.