Explaining the explaination

Is there any documentation to help in interpreting the result when you preface your XQuery query with {?explain?}? I haven’t run across any in my perusal of the Tamino documentation.

Better yet, are there any tools to help you understand the explaination? I’m sure there’s lots of good information to help me optimize my queries in there, if I could only figure out what it means.

Hi Curtis,
There is some documentation on this subject in Documentation…Tamino XML Server/Advanced Concepts/From Schema to Tamino/Efficient querying.

If I’m looking at the section I think you meant, it doesn’t really say a lot about XQuery {?explain ?}; it has more about the X-Query ino:explain() function. I was asking if there’s somewhere that explains what the “XqcExportTuple” and “XqcProject” and “XqcUnnest” etc. elements mean, and how to interpret the attributes like ‘variable=(#0,0)"’ that appear on these elements.

Hello Curtis,

I am afraid there is no public documentation that explains the {?explain?} information. It is likely to change from version to version as more and more xquery features are implemented and current features improved.

Best regards,

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.