XQuery and X-Query

Hi, I want to run some XQuery’s on data stored in Tamino.However, Tamino accepts X-Query. How can I translate my XQuery to X-Query? I know that I can use Quip, but I wonder if Quip uses its own query processor to query data on Tamino or, it just translates XQuery to X-Query and runs the query processor of Tamino. I mean, I want to see how long does it take to query my data stored in Tamino. Does using Quip mislead me?

So you’re actually trying to find out how long it takes Tamino to cough up data for a specific query?

Then go with XPath based X-Query, which at the moment is the official query language of Tamino.

For production purposes I wouldn’t touch anything as evolving as W3C XML Query.

Best regards, Andreas

Actually, in the scope of my MS thesis, I want to run XMark Benchmark queries on Tamino. However, these queries are written in XQuery. What should I do?
thanks in advance

This sounds interesting. Can you give us a hint where this XMark is available from?

Just curious:
Since all vendors’ XQuery implementations are at alpha / demonstration quality level right now (due to lack of released standards), what exactly can a benchmark proof?

Best regards, Andreas

You can reach to the web site of Xmark from http://monetdb.cwi.nl/xml/index.html
Xmark benchmark project is leaded by CWI.

Since all Xmark queries are written in XQuery, I have to translate them to X-Query manually. Am I wrong? Or do you have any suggestions?

…and trying to approximate XQuery with X-Query is best way excersize Tamino query engine, until tamino begins to support XQuery (if ever).

I would be very much interested to see your thesis paper - findings, problems and solutions you come up with for these problems and overall conclusion. If you don’t mind sharing your work, please let me know.