X-Query and W3C XQuery

Could someone please tell me how
Tamino’s X-Query is different from W3C’s XQuery?



Tamino X-Query is XPath for document collections.

Striking differences with XPath (form my point of view) are concise syntax only and text retreival extensions. Both very nice IMHO

W3C X-Query is a new query language that incorporates XPath notation but has lots of new facilties which allow the construction of new elements - you you can do joins and transformations. You may have noticesd that XPath ocan only give you elements and attributes which exist in the documents - every element or attribute can be mapped to one that exists somewhere.

Why the confusion of the names?

Software AG coined the term X-Query for its XPath based query language. Later the W3C query group liked the name so much they asked Software AG if they could use it for the W3C XML Query language.

Software AG thought about it and said “yes”.