XMark Benchmark - How to change XQuery Functions


I have to make an XMark Benchmark on my Tamino.
(XMark - http://www.xml-benchmark.org/ )

I loaded the Testdata to the databasa correctly.

Now I have problems.

Tamino doesn’t support following XQuery Functions (maybe are too old).

zero-or-one, exactly-one and some other synactical things.

Does anybody executed an XMark Benchmark on Tamino and know the needed changes on the XMark test queries, which have to be changed, so they can work with tamino ???

for example Q3 of XMark doesn’t work:

let $auction := doc(“auction.xml”) return
for $b in $auction/site/open_auctions/open_auction
where zero-or-one($b/bidder[1]/increase/text()) * 2 <= $b/bidder[last()]/increase/text()

or Q20:
because of @income = … in the Line:
{count($auction/site/people/person/profile[@income >= 100000])}

error message is then --> Invalid comparison</ino:messagetext>
Types: string, integer; line 4, column 56: = 100000])} { cou]]>

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Can anybody help me ??

You did not specify the Tamino version/platform that your are running.

I suspect that it may be Tamino 4.2.1 on Windows?


The latest Evaluation Version of Tamino for Windows

I downloaded it 2-3 weeks ago.

Hello Istvan,

please download the newest XML Starterkit for your test purposes.

We have just exchanged the complete content of that site a week ago. The new download contains the newest Tamino product based on version 4.4 - with improved WebDAV capabilities, built in versioning, XML Schema 1.0 compliance and many new XQuery functionalities (e.g. such as XQuery Modules). 8=)

I hope this works better for you.

-= FJ =-

heey cool :? :?

I can start again from the beginning … :slight_smile:


but with a freshly baked Tamino :smiley:
Have fun and success!
-= FJ =-

I have to evaluate little bit your Tamino for my
bachelor project “evaluation native xml databases”.

das Leben :slight_smile:

Hi Istvan,
is it possible to receive a copy of your evaluation report once you have finished it?
-= FJ =-

If it will be allowed by the univeristy, yes.

If it will be allowed, yes.