query an xml using pub.xml:queryXMLNode

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pub.xml:queryXMLNode service in developer helped me query values from the live node that was displayed during development.

In designer I am not seeing the live data. How could I see the data so that I dont make mistakes making my own WQL. All the docs that I refer still shows it doing using developer, I had yet to come across a guide that shows how to do it on designer…

any ideas

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Is your question is it not displaying that service output results in the Designer 822?


During developer days queryXMLNode service while stepping thru an xml node will show the root tag and you could create variables using WQL or XQL by looking at the xml tree.

My question is where can I see the live xml tree in designer, how can I extract variables as ‘fields’ when I am not able to look at them from a complex xml…


The designer supposed to work as like showing it in Developer.

Can you upload some screen shots you are facing issue?

The load and query services guide 8.2 talks abt the service with the use of developer tool and as you can see in the image above you can see the parsed document ‘bitterrootboards’

I wanted to know how I can achieve the same result in designer where I can see the parsed document while I run designer…

OK thanks for more clarification with screen shots elaborately.

I haven’t tried this service yet in the designer need to check more…

Can you touch base with SAG support also in the mean time?


Hi is there a way to move this post to flow section may be someone there would already know. I could start a new thread but I did not want to have multiple threads with the same topic.


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Could you Please let me know if we have solution for the post? or let me know where this thread is moved.
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Sorry I never got an answer from anyone.

You can’t get the live data, and there is no trace mode in designer.