About a Query...(Updated - New example)

Hi everyone! i need some help with a query that’s making me crazy since a lot of time :?

I think my last example to explain my query wasn’t clear at all, so i change it for a new one. I attach two txt’s with the data about, so that it can be copied and pasted to try it.

In the query, you can see the problem: i wanna return a node called “Solicitante”, but i obtain an empty node in the results.

I’ve tried a lot of different modes to do this, and the way i do it for this node is very similar to the others, so i don’t understand why it’s not working. I thought it was because of the way i access the data, using the let “$sol”, but the other let ("$datos") is similar and it works ok. If you could please help me to find the mistake, i’d be really thankful.

Thank you so much


  • Victor


unfortunately, even teh attachment does not contain the data in usable form. But what I notice is that you query for UserName (in the query in the attachment) while the data contains ClientName.



Hi Harald,

True, i had an error typing the query in the document; in the real query i ask for “ClientName” and no “UserName”.

I typed the data as an example (even with the “+” and “-” before nodes, simulating tamino’s interface). Anyway, if that’s not enough to identify the problem and you need the real data, i can upload it from tamino’s xplorer

Thank you so much

i updated the topic with a more clear example. I hope we can solve it.

Thanks :wink:


I am sorry, but I see no query or data attached, only two gif files. What am I missing?
To analyse anything that goes wrong, please provide the query (in a form that can be copied and pasted) and the XML data (as file or in a form that can be copied and pasted)



Ok, i already solved it. The problem was that i was using namespaces in some nodes.

So, to reference a node with no namespace, you’ve to put the symbol * as default namespace.

Thank you =)