Problems with XQuery

I have some problems with XQuery.
when I query Tamino database, using java api

String str =
TaminoResult tr = tamino.query(str);

I have such result:
ino:messagelineXQL Request processed, no object

When I repeat this query once again I have result:
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXYE9279”>Internal database error has occurred</ino:messagetext>

but when I do the same query, using Tamino Interactive Interface I have another rasult

- xql:result


Would you explain me please what’s a difference between these queries and why I have internal database error?

The query looks OK. Have you checked your csDatabaseURL (your base URL)?

eg. http://localhost/tamino/mydb/mycollection


It’s very strange that you have in your Interactive Interface response two documentes with the same ino:id

- xql:result
<menuLeaf **** ino:id=“1” **** name=“SMTH” src=“100301_140745_0.xml” />
<menuLeaf **** ino:id=“1” **** name=“SMTH” src=“100301_140745_0.xml” />

You can make check and repair of your database with Tamino Manager or delete and reload this document.


Hi easy!

I have checked the path to the database several times. It’s correct.
Other queries, for example //menu, execute by the database coprrectly.

I think something wrong with the query I wrote in my last question.
I have another guess maybe something wrong with my database - administrate wrong or something else.
What do you think?

the query looks correct. as juan pointed out (and i missed out earlier), the results seem a bit odd. I’ve yet to see Tamino return duplicate ino:id’s. As juan has mentioned, something could really be wrong with the database.

The result of the query is not dublicated. You see “menuLeaf” twice because of it’s met twice in the same document. So the result is correct.
I am confused that the internal database error is appeared during the query when I do this query USING the java api.

Juan recomended me to check and repair the database. I did. Nothing changed. Also he said “to delete and reload the document”. I did too. The same situation.
Have you got any ideas else?


The document is not duplicated, i made a mistake.
I have prove something like this and no error have been returned.
You can try to set a pagesize (my Taminio Interactive Interface set pagesize to 16):


And can try to answer from first element:


I have made a program in Java 1.3 to test response time with Tamino Java API or URL (Tamino Interactive Interface). I can send you this by e-mail, the only problem is the language of this program is Spanish.


Hi, Juan.

I have tried to set another pagesize and to answer from first element. Unfortunately the same situation. :frowning:
I like your idea to send me your program. It’s ok that it is in Spanish. Just in case my e-mail:
From my side I can send you my program if you don’t mind. Maybe you can find a mistake.
I look forward to hear from you soon.
Thank you for your interest.