Purge Tasks Data

Hi everyone,

I try to purge every data to have a clean envrionement. I’m in 7.1.1 release.

Business View : For one process with human tasks, I have a particular role : AdminFunc. It has a portlet where I list every pending tasks for this process.

What I did :
I purge the server by using the Database Component Configurator, and so I recreate this items : Analyse, Archive, Process Audit, Process Engine, Process Tracker, IS Core Audit, DatabaseManagement, CrossReference.

I also perform a “delete all” on MWS Administration in Business > Tasks > Task Engine Administration.

And also deploy process model after…

What I see :
I have no process instance : Good
I have no task in MWS > Monitoring > Business > Tasks > Task List Management : Good
In the AdminFunc windows when i performed a search on task, I have old tasks (but when I click on it, i have error because it cann’t map) : KO

What I looking for :
Did I forget to clean something ? I think there are some tasks logs somewhere but I don’t know where :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advices ! :slight_smile:



I’m pretty new to this MWS, CAF and so on.

I have an wM 8.2 environment, for service and processes development. It is already cluttered with many [test] tasks, and I’m having a hard time to keeping it clean (getting “Skipping, user does not have this function privilege” message, no matter what I have configured). On the service portion, I’m pretty used to it, and I do know most of the tricks. However, I can’t brag the same for the MWS portion.

The easiest way would be wiping out and starting from scratch (but if you consider all the setup headache, it is not that short path, though…). I’d like to hear what you guys, are doing to housekeep such kind of DEV envionment…

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Software AG has provided options to archive/delete database after certain days(Days option is based on your requirement)

TN:You write extended archive from MWS. Check TN Administration guide for details on setup

Business process data can also be purged. Check Optimize for Administration document in SAG for more detail setup