pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages fails randomly

Hello there,

We are experiencing a strange issue. In the last step of a process we have a flow which calls following services in the below order:

  • pub.prt.log:logCustomId
  • pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages

The flow always fails when calling the service pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages. We get nullPointerException. We checked and all inputs passed to this service are not null. This happens every now and then but it is a productive issue and needs to be fixed.
The process usually takes some time to complete (approx 2 hours).
What could be the root cause of this issue? It is strange that it never fails when calling pub.prt.log:logCustomId.

We learned from a similar topic that a possible cause would be that the processInstanceID is no longer found in the Process Engine.
What could cause this?

Our IS Settings:
Fix level: IS_9.9_Core_Fix11



we usually call logCustomId at a very early point in the process as we are using this id for monitoring and distinguishing the different processes.

Did you check the PRT Users Guide or Built-In-Services Guide?
Might be that it is not possible to log any activity messages after the instance is completed.
This means that during the runtime of your service the ProcessEngine processes the COMPLETE message for this instance.
As long as you are not running pub.monitor.archive:processArchive the process instance ids should be available in the database.

Which PRT-Fix is applied to your IS?


Could it be that there is another thread in your process that ends with a terminate step? And that this step is executed at the same time as the step with the log call?

Have you found out under which circumstances the error occurs?

Hello Niemand

Could you please guide the fix for the issue. For us too


the log Activity Messages service failing intermittently with NullPointerException.