pub.file services

Can someone explain to me how I’m supposed to specify file paths for Windows-based networks in the fileAccessControl.cnf for using pub.file services?

This is my fileAccessControl.cnf:
allowedWritePaths=\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo\;\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba
allowedReadPaths=\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo\;\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba
allowedDeletePaths=\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo\;\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba

(all three are the same two folders)

I get this error on a pub.file:listFiles call where the output folder is “\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba”:
[ISS.0086.9263] Specified path [\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba] is not on the [allowedReadPaths] allowed list in the fileAccessControl configuration file

I really don’t get why this doesn’t work.

I think I figured this out. From what I can tell, the problem is that the first path in my list, “\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo\” had trailing “\”. This not only made that path not work, it made the second path not work also. When I removed those it worked. That left me with this file:

allowedWritePaths=\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo;\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba
allowedReadPaths=\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo;\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba
allowedDeletePaths=\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo;\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba

Is it working now?


it should be possible to specify the pathes in Unix-Style (single /), even on Windows.


Hi Erossing,

In your case second path is not working as first path was included your second path in itself.
1.Remove the “\” from end of (\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo\)

  1. Please avoid the Space in file or directory name if you can.
    your first path having Space (\\brs-fs02\public\erossing\taleo\Outbound from Taleo).
    It may give you error some time.

When modifying the parameters in the fileAccessControl.cnf file, keep the following
point in mind:

1.If a file or directory name has a semicolon (;), use two backslashes (\) before the
semicolon when specifying the allowed paths. For example, if the filename is: c:/
Specify it as: c:/temp/ab\;c.txt — in your case this situation occur.

So now in your case this path is treated as a signal path that why you got an error message
"[ISS.0086.9263] Specified path [\brs-fs02\public\erossing\ariba] is not on the [allowedReadPaths] allowed list in the fileAccessControl configuration file "

May it help you if you have any further question feel free to ask.

Ashish Kumar