This service is not providing proper results back…i.e if you give it a input of starting date 160302 and end date 160322
the output is 19 days – technically it should be 20 days. it works fine for previous years 2015, 2014 etc

It is behaving the same way in 8.2

Anyone knows why this service is not working properly in 9.8 and 8.2


Are your confirm the datePattern of startdate and enddate?I’m test in Wm 9, the data format is about yyMMdd, the startDate and endDate are the same as you ,the dateDifferenceDays is 20.

I have tried to run this in 9.8 and 8.2 it does not give the desired output with the input I provide.

Use date pattern as yyMMdd, you will get 20. Check and confirm.


I reproduce this on wM9.8[IS_9.8_Core_Fix3] and it is working as per the design. Make sure you provide the correct start and end date pattern format. If issue still exists you might need a engineering fix, kindly contact SAG support with all the required details.

For more details refer 9-8_Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference.pdf