pub.client:soapClient and Load balacing (multiple target server behind a laod balancer)

we have the target application running on APP1 and APP2.
we have a load balancer in front of it: ELB
we have for example a loop like this:

loop X times

execute the pub.client:soapClient to URL of ELB


But we see that on the first session done by pub.client:soapClient to for example on APP2, all next request in the loop will be send to APP2 as the HTTP Session is done to APP2.

IS there are solution/possbility/feature to force a new session or to have load balancing (maybe need to close after each pub.client:soapClient the HTTP Session) so the ELB see a free new session and could decide to send this next nex request to APP1 ?



For example on pub.client:http there is a parameter called “newSession” that could help but not used. :roll:

But for pub.client:soapClient ??? :?: