Separate long runnig request from request of short duration

Hi every one!!!
I recently read the following “You may want to separate the long running requests from requests of short duration by setting up a different RPC Server - the one with short requests can have a shorter CONV-NONACT and CLIENT-NONACT to keep the turnaround on short requests as short as possible while the long running requests are routed to the other server with higher non activity values, ensuring that quick requests do not queue up behind the slower transactions - particularly if the quick requests vs long requests fit the typical pattern of 80% quick requests to 20% long, slow requests”.

Could you please give me a hand to make it possible?.

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The suggestion (looks like one of mine) requires that you know pattern of the requests, that is, the service being called is known to usually run long (perhaps they are doing multiple database updates or retrieving large data sets) versus other services that usually take shorter time (perhaps they are only doing quick lookups, returning data from one or two database calls).

Create two (or however many you need) RPC servers with different server (class/server/service) names: RPC/short/CALLNAT and RPC/long/CALLNAT. Those services expected to have longer durations would go to the “long” server and the shorter ones to the “short” server.

For more specifics, I’d need to know what your client and server technologies are, and a bit about your application.