SEnding a single request to several instances

Hi everyone
I was asked by one of my customers for an idea of how he can send a single request from an RPC client, and all the instances of a Natural RPC server will receive . I couldn’t come up with any smart solution, and I thought maybe someone can give me some idea.

Hi Mona,

RPC is usually a synchronous request/reply technology. Thus the client creates the request and receives an answer from one server. The request cannot be send to multiple servers, what reply would you expect in this case ?

For this scenario you can use Publish&Subscribe which has been introduced with EXX 7.2. Pubsub cannot be used with RPC (unless you use the BMQ Bridge).

HI Rolf
I’m aware of the fact that with usual RPC it can’t be done .
The cu request is to send a shutdown comand to all the active instances of the same server .
Maybe this is possible somehow ?
Best regards,

Hi Mona,

this is the standard behaviour of the Control Center, SMH, or the “terminate server” command of C RPC or Natural RPC (with up-to-date versions of Natural).

And this will bring down all the instances ?

Yes, that’s the intention.