pub.client:http to post raw data in the body of REST request

I’m working on the integration with an external company. The data will be send using REST API. The requirement from their side is to send filename as a parameter and the content of a flat file should be sent in the body of the request.
Here is a curl command that would do the job:
“curl --location --request POST ‘https://hostname/path/to/resource?filename=the_file_name
–header ‘Content-Type: text/plain’
–data-raw ‘my

My service invokes pub.client:http with filename mapped to data/args/filename and the content of the file mapped to data/string. The header of the request has 2 parameters: Content-Type and Accept both set to “text/plain”.

The other team reported that they got 2 parameters: filename and the content as a key without a value. The filename was receive with success. However, they found to be unable to retrive the content of the file, because it compromises the flat file structure (eg. the whole text in a single line).

I’m on Integration Server 10.1 (core fix 17) and they operate on Seeburger.

I have researched the case and found these links and more, however, none of them helped me on this case.

Could you tell me how should I pass the content to the service pub.client:http to send the data as required?

Did you could try sending it as a byte array encoded in base-64 string? i haven’t tried it myself but that might be something you can try.