multipartformdata connection

Hi all,

I’m sorry for the many questions, but i really don’t find mutch information about the things I need to do.

The problem I have now is the next one:
I need to send a JSON file to a server, so far so good.
With the example of nativeUIJSON I managed to send a JSON tot the server and it works.

But now I need to put this JSON file in a multipartformdata request because this is the format the server need.
Does anyone have an idee how to change the code below so I can send multipartformdata request …?

Already many thanks.

public class ServerConnection extends Thread
	static HttpConnectionHandler connection;
	static byte server_data [];

	nUIObject object;
	String url;
	int successEvent = nUIConstants.EVT_TRIGGER_HTTP_SUCCESS;

	 * if this is a GET instead of a POST call, set post_data to null
	public static void connect(nUIObject object, String url, byte post_data [], int successEvent)
		ServerConnection hc = new ServerConnection();
		hc.object = object;
		hc.url = url;
		hc.successEvent = successEvent;

		connection = HttpConnectionHandler.openHttpConnectionByteArrayData(url, HttpConnectionHandler.Encoding_Default, post_data);

		// wait for the response on a secondary thread
	// to support single calls that just respond with an HTTP success
	public static void connect(nUIObject object, String url, byte post_data [])
		connect(object, url, post_data, nUIConstants.EVT_TRIGGER_HTTP_SUCCESS);

	public void run()
		// wait for the server to respond (or not)
			catch(Exception e)

		// problem?
		if(connection.response_code !=
			nUIController.eventListenerQueue(object, nUIConstants.EVT_TRIGGER_HTTP_FAIL);

		ServerConnection.server_data = connection.response_data;

		// success!
		nUIController.eventListenerQueue(object, successEvent);