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We are using SAP Business Connector 4.7 to receive xml files from external FTP server. We can login with pub.client.ftp:login successfully. But we are unable to receive the XML File.

Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

When logging in to an FTP server, many often change the intial directory to a user-specific directory. Based on the error, the IS service is assuming that the current directory is the root (httpdocs) but that may not be the case, thus the relative path specified in the get is invalid.

Try either an explicit cd before the get or an absolute path in the get.

do you mean with cd -> pub.client.ftp:cd ?


What schould i write in dirpath?
file is here

if i wrote “Output” in dirpath then i get this error:
An error occurred while tracing. 550 Output: No such file or directory

Use an FTP client to determine the directory structure that you’re encountering. That will help you figure out what the path needs to be.

Hello Raemon,
thank you :slight_smile:
“/httpdocs/Output” is the correct path.

we need to use the service Pub.xslt.Transformations:transformSerialXML to convert xml document into the IDoc xml (XSLT Mapping) but output from ftp:get is not xml stream. Which service should I take after pub.client.ftp:get to convert into xml stream?

That service can accept input in a number of ways. After the FTP get, you’ll have a byte array. Pass this to the “bytes” input of the transformSerialXML service. You wouldn’t use the “xmlStream” input in this case.

Refer to the service documentation for details.

please check the path of the file , it should be methiod from the root directory and also that file should be saved in the server where web mehtods is running , not in local system.

to convert xml values
pub:xmlSrtirng to xmlNOde
pub :xmlNode to document

u can read values