Want to read a flat/XMl file thru FTP. (Using IS and Develop

I am using IS and Developer 4.6.
I am very new to webMethos and want to write a small service which can read a XML file and copy the content of the XML file to SQL Server database. I am able to write the service which reads the XML file from d: and copy the record to SQL Server 2000. Now I want to do the same by supplying the XML file thru ftp.
Till now what I did is

  1. I made my service as startup service
  2. When I am putting my XML file to ftp://localhost:7777/ns/DBAccess/LoadTrueFTP folder, I am able to see the file name, type, loginID using pub.flow:getTransportInfo.
  3. I am using pub.io:streamToBytes to read the content of teh file, but I am unable to do that. the revices I have used is –


With no input defined for service. Please help me how to do this. Remamber I am using version 4.6.

Someone please help. It is urgent.