Proxy Authentication - how do I transfer NT domain info

I want to use our corporate Proxy to connect a SAP BC 4.7 (Integration Server) to
external sites. When I use IE as browser I’m asked for three informations:
Username: abc
NT-Domain: rst
Password: xyz
In IS configuration I can give proxy information but only User and Password can be entered here. How do I transfer the NT-domain information ? I already tried rst\abc but that didn’t seem to work.

Would be very happy if somebody could help me.


It may be that your proxy is requiring NTLM authentication. If your Integration Server is running on a Microsoft platform, you can enable client-side NTLM authentication by activating the WmWin32 package. This package allows the Integration Server to authenticate outbound HTTP requests using NT Challenge Response.

If you have a mix of different OSes, your best bet is to enable basic authentication on the proxy server.

Hy Eduardo,
thank you very much for your fast answer. I’m on W2K but even after activating WmWin32 I only find username and password in the WM proxy settings. Is there an extended setting or some other trick to provide the NT-domain information ?
I’d be glad if you could help me further.

Wish you a nice evening


If your proxy is performing NTLM authentication, then there is no need to set any of the proxy settings in the admin UI.