Authentication Info in URL


When performing a query in a web browser, how do I enter the authentication information in the URL?

I tried http://userName:password@host/tamino/db/collection….

but that did not work.


Hello Swalt,

You don?t say but I assume that you?re using Microsoft IE. I note this because I have not encountered this issue with other browsers such as Mozilla (yet).

This “problem” is really new functionality that Microsoft introduced to IE with a Microsoft Security Update. What Microsoft did was to disabled the old default behavior. The user-id and password are no longer passed with IE or Explorer. The reason for this change is to help identify and to help protect yourself from deceptive (spoofed) Web sites and malicious hyperlinks

The Microsoft Security Update that modified the default behavior of Internet Explorer for handling user information in HTTP and in HTTPS URLs is MS04-004.

Here is the link to a Microsoft article about this:
Microsoft Security Update MS04-004

In answer to your question, yes, it is possible to get the old default behavior in IE back so that a URL that contains a user-id and password will work. But, I recommend that you read the Microsoft article and then decide if you really need the old functionally (pros and cons of the change). If you feel that you do, the article provides the information you will need (to modify your registry).