Provide RSP41 Error Data when using ACBX

Requestor: Verizon

Under Adabas V7, the ACB (in Additions-1) would display the 2char fieldname in error for things like rsp.code 41. Under V8 CLOGLAYOUT=8, this information is NOT available (as it should be eg. in the ACBXERRB field). Without this information, this will make debugging quite difficult.

More details follow.

Please provide the Format Buffer error data for RSP41 when using ACBX. Prior releases of Adabas using ACB placed the 2-
character field name which caused the RSP41 into the first 2 positions of the Additions-2 field". Refer to the following Adabas
74 example where FB=AA,XX. Offset +0 +4 +8 +C 00000000 0000D3F1 D9E2F4F1 00010029 00000001 …L1RS41… 00000010
00000000 00000000 00060028 00000000 00000020 00004040 40404040 40404040 E7E70000 … XX… 00000030
FF000000 3640AF64 3640AFB4 3640AFBA … … … … 00000040 00000000 00000000 00000000 3640AFBA … … This
important data has been omitted from Adabas 81. The ACBXERRB field is designed to contain the error field name, but is not
included for RSP41. Business Reason: An L1 (READ) command may include a Format Buffer with many fields. If an RSP41 is
returned, indicating that one of these fields is invalid, the customer must examine every field to determine the cause. Prior to
the use of ACBX with Adabas 81, this error information was readily available in the Additions-2 field of the ACB.

EP5526.pdf (36.1 KB)

The RSP41 tells the user that one of the fields in the Format Buffer is invalid. Without this restoration of a prior capability, we will have to look through potentially hundreds of fields to find the field in error. Adabas knows which field is in error at the time of the RSP41. The intent of the ACBXERRB field is to report the 2-character field name.