Question about ADAICK FCBPRINT.
Can anyone tell me (or tell me where to look) – In the output of ADAICK FCBPRINT:

FNR = 108, maximum ISN = 2501069, first unused ISN = 2352499,
rotating ISN in AC = 2351766, last formatted ISN = 2501069.
Meaning: DUMP ASSO BLOCK 0000008A
FI 00108 FCB 0000008A
FI 00108 FCB +000 Status flag: 1004
FI 00108 FCB +002 File number: 006C

What are the possible values, and meanings thereof, of the “Status Flag” (line 5 of the output pasted above)??

The status flag is used for internal processing and might change from version to version. For Adabas Version 8.2 the settings are following

First byte:
X´08´ for coupled files
X´10´ indicates ISN reusage set to yes
X´40´ and x´80´ file is in the process of ADALOAD

Second byte:
X´80´ flag for replication
X´40´ file is in readonly status
X´02´ file needs UES enabling
X´04´ file has forward index compression

That means in your case the file has ISNREUSAGE=YES and INDEXCOMPRESSION=YES set.

Thank you, Ursula. This is helpful. Can you tell me where you are finding this information? I’d like to dig deeper myself.

sorry, I got this from internal sources.

I don´t think we have documented this officially because these flags are only used internally. The meaning might change from Version to Version and they should NEVER be changed from outside.

Seems we use to get such info from attending Adabas Internals classes. Seems odd there would be a utility that would print this if we’re not supposed to be able to find out what they mean, though.

We need some event or forum for learning this “inside” info.


this “low level information” may be relevant to support, and most of the information
contained therein is available via AOS, ADAREP et al anyway.

But as a seasoned mainframer and assembler programmer I enjoy having
access to internals type information as well, of course :wink: