Proof of concept - how to

I have a week to create a proof of concept for an EDI 811. This is a brand new install of webMethods, so no services other than webMethods prebuilt services exist. What is the bare minimum that needs to be done to take a test file, load it into TN, have it create the output, and load it into a database file? Will I need to create a model? Canonical? What are the normal steps in creating a new EDI transaction map in webMethods? Is a week to get it done doable at all?

All input appreciated!



Following are the steps to start with

1)Install EDI 811 document type, Create partner profiles, Processing rule ,Trading partner agreement if any in Trading networks
2)Evaluate communication methods/protocol that will be used to exchange files with partner
3)Prepare mapping sheets detailing maps from EDI to Database fields
4)Find out approach to generate acknowledgement (997) if partner requires it

Thanks for the reply Shahid. Would you happen to know where I may find some sample code for handling an 811? Specifically I need to understand how to loop through the HL levels.

You can invoke the following steps:

  1. editn:getTspace to get edidata from a bizdoc.
  2. edi:convertToValues; provide edidata as input and appropriate edi schema path to get flat file values. This can be used to get both ISA-GS and ST-SE values.
  3. Perform mappings for Flat file document to Destination format based on Mapping sheets.

You can find sample packages on above sites. Let me know if you have any specific questions.



Not EDI samples though: