profile group management

plz let me know the importance of profile group management field, which i can see in the TN console when i’m viewing the profile of one of thr TP. :slight_smile:

i’m using wM 7.1.2

As far i know with the use of Profile Groups functionality (for example:create webMethods EDI via the Register ProfileGroups page in TNC) then depends on your EDI only transacted trading partners, so in the partner profile page select the “webMethods EDI” under Profile Groups for every EDI partner (partner1,partner2 etc…).

So when you create processing rules/TPA (generic) in the Sender/Receiver (you can just select the webMethods EDI profile group alone instead of select/add each partner by partner…This way all EDI related partners can be grouped together and also same way manage Flat File/XML/Rosettanet etc…specific B2B/EDI partners.

P.S:Most places this functionality not widely been used…