Profile creation error from dangling external ID

I started to create a partner profile - entered basic data like name and external ID and also a delivery method. I hit “Save” after entering both tabs, but then hit the bottom “Cancel” instead of “Create Profile” so the partner profile wasn’t created. and I don’t see it in the list of partners in the TN console.

then I went back to re-create the partner, and when I tried to use the same Mutually Defined external ID, it says:

A Mutually Defined ID of SOLVAY already exists in the database. External IDs must be unique.

but there should not be an ID of that kind, or if there is, I can’t see the corresponding partner profile in the list, so how can I get that ID out of there?

thanks in advance…


You may need to drop down to the DB with a SQL tool. Take a look at packages\WmTN\config\dbops.sql at the* statements for an idea of what you may need to do. Clearly you’ve got to use caution (and have a backup)–and it would probably be a good idea to open an SR with wM and have them help.