Product installation error


I have a mirror product repository specific for HP-UX on a Command Central server (that runs RHEL). The remote installations that actually host the WM homes are all HP-UX.

When I try to install a product from my mirror product repo on the Command Central machine, I get the following error:
2017-06-20 11:10:14.695 CEST ( ) [WIS.CommonUtils.UnknownKey] WARN: Exception: Cannot download: http://ccehost:8092/Local_products_mirror/repository/sagMetadata.jar
2017-06-20 11:10:14.699 CEST ( ) [WIS.CommonUtils.UnknownKey] WARN: http://ccehost:8092/Local_products_mirror/repository/sagMetadata.jar

2017-06-20 11:11:21.305 CEST ( ) [WIS.CommonUtils.UnknownKey] WARN: Exception: Cannot download: http://ccehost:8092/Local_products_mirror/repository/sagProducts.jar
2017-06-20 11:11:21.308 CEST ( ) [WIS.CommonUtils.UnknownKey] WARN: http://ccehost:8092/Local_products_mirror/repository/sagProducts.jar

When I go to the repository location I can’t find the file either:

sagcom@ccehost:/opt/sag/wmhome/profiles/SPM/configuration/provisioning/repositories find . -name sagMetadata.jar sagcom@ccehost:/opt/sag/wmhome/profiles/SPM/configuration/provisioning/repositories find . -name sagProducts.jar
sagcom@ccehost:/opt/sag/wmhome/profiles/SPM/configuration/provisioning/repositories $

Does anyone know how to generate those files?
Thanks in advance!