Producer to consumer lag in the spring

Hello, for message production and consumption, we use spring Kafka. Six partitions divide the topic. We found that the consumer receives the message with a lag of at least one second after doing a load test with 500,1000 messages being posted to the subject. Our application is also installed on two servers. As a result, we have maintained the Consumer’s concurrency at 3. 3 users are so using one server and 3 using the other. Here, there are two issues.

  1. For each message, we record a latency of at least one second. This is seen even after just one message is sent from the producer to the consumer.
  2. We can tell from the Splunk logs that only one server is actually processing events, not both.means that only one server can see the consumer logs.

No particular producer or consumer properties are being set. Hence, default settings should be used by both the consumer and the producer. We have additionally confirmed that the manufacturer evenly distributes the load among all partitions.

Any advice or assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Even the consumer and producer attributes were manually updated, as seen in the attached image.

Yet it was unsuccessful.

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