Processing Rule not getting selected

We copied the processing rules from our development environment to Project test environment. The EDIINT and EDIINT MDN send / process message processing rules got overwritten.

Now in our Project test environment the processing rule is not getting seleced . Default rule is getting called and document is ignored.

In transaction analysis I can see the document type is recognized correctly to EDIINT.

Please help.

Check for other criteria in the processing rule (ie. sender, receiver, error, etc.). You may have criteria there which your document is not matching.

Hi Yang,

Thanks for the reply . I found that EDIINT processing rule which is created by default is having processing rule criteria defined for User staus ‘processMsg’.

The EDIINT documents which I was trying to re-process was having status ‘IGNORED’ so processing rule was not getting selected.

I reprocessed the message now creating temporary new rule for EDIINT messages with IGNORED User status

Did you tried with resubmit instead of re-process the original doc?? then no need of temporary rule creation…