Processing Inbound Document (How to save content of file with the original file name)


I’m working with WM 7.1. I’m facing the inbound processing document which is sent from AS/2 and then process the payload in TN. The process has been working successfully.

The problem is, I want to save the content of file which is sent from AS/2 with the original file name in a particular directory. I could see the file in the .bizdoc extension and it contains not only the content of file but also the header information and so on.

How can I get only the content without header information and save it with the original file name?

FYI, I’m using wm.ediint.rules.processMsg as a service to process inbound document. I’ve searched a lot of information and still could not find a way to solve this problem.

Thank you.


You need to exract just the payload (bizdoc/edidata) that persists in TN right not the EDIINT bizdoc document but to extract filename you may need to extract from original EDIINT or some other way but its going to be tricky unless you have split services.

Do you see edidata in the pipeline?