Process Deployment Issue

Hello there,

  We are encountering some issues when deploying processes (using Deployer on IS admin page). 
  After the deployment, the XML process files are not stored automatically in /process_package/config/wmprt so we need to manually put them there afterwards. We also need to reload package WmPRT afterwards because if not we get the error: There are no enabled process mathcing this trigger. This is a serious problem as a reload can affect the running transfers (especially on the productive environment). We also tried the scanPackage service to avoid reloading the WmPRT package but this does not work.

Can you please provide the safest process deployment procedure which does not require reloading the WmPRT package and thus affecting running productive transfers?

Our IS settings:
Fix level: IS_9.9_Core_Fix11

Thank you in advance,


sounds strange.

Can you describe how create your deployment sets?
Especially how you resolve the dependencies of the processes.


Hi Holger,

So first of all I use two different sets:

BPM_SET (ProcessModel) - For the process model
IS_SET (IS&TN) - For the corresponding process steps

Then I click on Check → Then click on Exists

Afterwards I create a build, export the build on the test environment, go to Map to see if there are missing references (in my case there aren’t), create deployment candidate and then Deploy.



are these full packages or partial packages in the IS & TN Set?

In which order do you deploy the sets?

For me it turned out as a best practice to split the implementation of models in two packages:

  • one for the real logic behind the steps
  • one for generated services for the model itself.
    The model package just invokes the services in the logic package by using “invoke a service” steps.

When building a deployment project, the IS & TN set only contain the logic package.
The BPM Set contains the model and the complete generated model package (by resolving the dependency as Add and selecting complete package).
In this case the mentioned fragment files are automatically included in the set.
Dependencies to the logical package should be resolved as Exists then.

We then deploy the IS & TN Set first and the BPM set afterwards.
This approach is worlking fairly well.