Procesing of Flat file from TN

Hi All,

I am sending flat file to TN from where it gets recognized and calls a processing rule for further proceesing.

In case of XML files to be processed from TN by the processing rule there is a service called “bizdocToRecord”.

Are there any services available for Flat Files?

Refer to chapter 5:“Trading Networks Document Processing” in TN Concepts guide.


Hi raj,

Thanks for the response.

With processing of flat file documents from TN,I am able to do it.
I wanted to ask how we further process in the main service which we call in the processing rule of TN.

In case of XML file sent from TN ,there is an inbuit service called bizdocToRecord.By using this service we can convert get the values in the Record/Document format as required by us.

Are there any buit in service for flat file which works exactly the built in service bizdocToRecord .

If not,then can you let me know how to go ahead with processing of flat files from TN.


Processing of TN flatfile is same as processing any other flatfile. You only need to retrieve the the content from bizdoc. Use the below sequence of steps. (partName is ‘ffdata’ in a general scenario)
pub.flatFile:convertToValues (Pass the contentPart/Bytes and flatfile schema to this service)